Black Brothas Making Flavorful Ice Cream<br />

Black Brothas Making Flavorful Ice Cream

The owners behind Baltimore's best ice cream are focused on expanding their business and keeping Black boys employed

Melanie Yvette

by Melanie Yvette, August 15, 2013

Black Brothas Making Flavorful Ice Cream<br />

Darius Wilmore and De'Von Brown

Hamden, walking around, referring to each other as ‘Nigga’ in a Black person’s presence. So then Alex’s father says that qualifies as a ‘Richard Pryor’ moment. In other words, that’s something that, at this time if her were alive and a comic, Richard Pryor might have done a skit about. So we all bust out laughing. Right after we were like, "Yo, that’s a flavor name!" We should do a flavor about that and call it a Richard Pryor Moment. So that’s how that name came about and I actually spoke with Rain Pryor (Richard Pryor's daughter) and she gave us her blessing about the name.

EBONY: It’s so cool that you all have such in depth stories about the names of your ice cream. Where do you make the ice cream?

Darius: We have a factory, so we have a factory 2500 in Baltimore. I am telling you there is no factory like ours.

EBONY: What do you see happening for the future of your company?

Devon: Well, I mean, we’re an ice cream company. We bought in revenue of $300,000 last year but our goal is to hit the $500,000 mark. The goal is to grow our business, get into restaurants, Philadelphia and then launch our own pint line. A few years ago we were only in Baltimore City. But now we’re in D.C., and we’re showing to Virginia and Philadelphia. So we’ve expanded a little. We do have pints in stores now; it’s just not at the level that we want it to be. You may not know, but certain grocery stores limit the shelf space and they sell shelf space to vendor. It's like paying rent. So if you’re a smaller company and you don’t have extraordinarily deep pockets, you won’t be able to pay  to rent the shelf-space in the hopes that somebody will buy your stuff.

EBONY: How can people get to your ice cream?

Devon: It will be available in the future to buy the pints online, but right now we have a Google map that has all of our restaurants where you can get the ice cream. But we’re also available online at

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