City Cool: 8 Reasons Charlotte is the Place to Be!

City Cool: 8 Reasons Charlotte is the Place to Be!

If you come for a visit, don’t expect New York City. Charlotte has its own hometown style that both relaxes and excites

by Amoura Carter, April 21, 2012

City Cool: 8 Reasons Charlotte is the Place to Be!

Charlotte: the NFL Carolina Panthers, the NBA Charlotte Bobcats owned by the legendary Michael Jordan, NASCAR, AAA baseball, AHL hockey, and professional lacrosse.


If you want uptown life to be in walking distance, living a mile or less from center city brings you into the mix without draining your wallet. A luxury uptown apartment, for as little $1000, unimaginable in one of Charlotte counterpart cities, is a reality in the ‘Queen City’. Trendy apartments, like the Camdens and the Catalyst, bring a young and fresh feel to urban living.

Convenience is the name of the small communities created a mile or less away from uptown Charlotte. Many of these apartments, condos, and townhomes cultivate a feeling of luxury and relaxation with beautiful pools and workout centers, and shops, dry cleaners, drug stores, etc. in walking distance.


Yes, Charlotte is a growing city, but it’s not too "Big City" for its own good. Charlotteans can enjoy city life and entertainment, while still benefiting from a town-type atmosphere. With a close minority/majority population, African Americans are feeling more involved and heard in Charlotte. Being the nation’s second largest financial center and home to over 250 energy companies Charlotte has made great gains and Black businessmen and women are quickly becoming intertwined with big business. Among 75 other large urban school districts, Charlotte won the 2011 Broad Prize for showing continuous large economic growth. So yes, Charlotte is growing but it never forgets what counts.

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