Diversity in Tech and the Myth of Meritocracy

Diversity in Tech and the Myth of Meritocracy

Writer Tracey Ross says the digital divide is still real, despite rumors to the contrary

by Tracey Ross, February 13, 2013

Diversity in Tech and the Myth of Meritocracy

ability to solve problems. That really is the great strength of this nation,” he said. “As smart as the folks are in Silicon Valley, it would be great if they used their genius to address this problem of diversity.”

Many believe it’s also just good business sense in a competitive market for companies to reflect and better understand their growing customer base. Further, as our country becomes more diverse, our economy will depend on ensuring that all people have access to the skills that will help us compete globally.

Despite the numerous barriers people of color face in accessing technology and competing in the tech world, many people continue to celebrate technology as the world’s great equalizer. Granted, technology does have great potential for improving how we communicate, how we learn, and even how our communities function. The problem is, these people are mistaking the potential of the sector for its reality. Like any industry, the tech sector is governed by the rules of man and all his shortcomings. Luckily, the Internet has given some of us a platform to try and set the record straight. And hopefully, we can continue to expand access to this platform.

Tracey Ross is a freelance writer living in Washington, DC. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley and completed her Master’s in Public Affairs from Princeton University. Her writing focuses on women, race, and urban policy.

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