A New Black Power Imperative

A New Black Power Imperative

[OPINION] Yan Searcyon the revolutionary act of loving your children

Yan Searcy

by Yan Searcy, September 30, 2013

A New Black Power Imperative

"The power of fatherhood is not to be missed, nor dismissed."

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the status quo.  It is a statement about self and reflection of culture.  Producing stable, grounded, and affirmed children is promoting Black power. 

Nearly a year ago I sent the following email to a new father:

From one father to another, the easiest thing to do as a father is let the mother take responsibility for all the unglamorous activities on a regular basis - bathing, diapering, clothing, feeding, and soothing.  However, I argue that it happens to be those activities that create most of the bond that will tie you to your child throughout the lifespan.  It also creates a sense of enduring partnership with your wife.  So, dig in despite your busy work schedule and demands from others.

Black power.


Yan Dominic Searcy, Ph.D. is Associate Professor and Interim Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences at Chicago State University.

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