Getting It Inn:<br />
Meet Monique Greenwood

Getting It Inn:
Meet Monique Greenwood presents Monique Greenwood, the force behind Akwaaba Bed and Breakfast Inns

by Tonya Pendleton, September 25, 2013

Getting It Inn:<br />
Meet Monique Greenwood

Bed and breakfast doyenne Monique Greenwood 

that it’s important not to sacrifice yourself in the creating of whatever your dreams may be.

I’ve been at the point where I was envious of my guests because they were lounging by the pool or having tea by fireplace or having a glass of wine with their loved ones, and I’d feel like I was on the outside looking in on the life I wanted to have. I try to carve out time first thing in the morning so I can give myself to myself before I start giving myself away to everyone and everything. At the end of the day, we have to make sure we have some time and space to take care of ourselves. 

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