Kevin Powell: From Africa With Love (#1)

Kevin Powell: From Africa With Love (#1)

Activist and writer Kevin Powell blogs exclusively for on his first, emotion-filled journey to the motherland

by Kevin Powell, November 06, 2012

Kevin Powell: From Africa With Love (#1)

Kevin Powell

University in Yola, Nigeria. I was in shock. YES! 

I didn't care what they wanted me to do, what the topic was to be, nothing. What I knew was that the God I believe in very deeply  had answered my prayers and I was finally going to Africa. Overcome with emotions in that moment, I just cried. I thanked Dorsey profusely, again and again and again.

Finally, it is not lost on me in the whirlwind past days that I've had, that we've all had: Hurricane Sandy caused great destruction to my adopted hometown of New York City and surrounding areas like New Jersey, where my mother still remains without heat and hot water. For sure I've offered her a hotel or my condo apartment (which she ironically helped me purchase) but she refuses, completely. I am praying her lights come on today, before I get on this plane to Africa in the morning. I've visited her, given her money and batteries for her flashlights per her wishes, but she will not budge. She is a senior citizen, a beautiful one at that, but very stuck in her own ways of seeing the world.

And, alas, there is the presidential election. I would argue this is far more important than the 2008 election, will be incredibly close, and will have great repercussions across the globe, especially for people of color, for people of African descent. I cannot imagine, if President Obama loses, explaining this to people in Africa. Or explaining it to myself, for that matter. I am hoping for the best, that Barack Obama wins re-election.

Kevin Powell is an award-winning writer, public speaker, and political activist. Through the years Kevin has written for Ebony, Esquire, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Essence, Rolling Stone, The Huffington Post, and Vibe, where he served as a senior writer. He is also the author of 11 books, including his latest, “Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and the Ghost of Dr. King: Blogs and Essays.” Follow him on Twitter @kevin_powell, or email him at

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