Our Mother/Daughter College Journey

Our Mother/Daughter College Journey

Scribe dream hampton discusses the hunt for her baby girl's perfect school

dream hampton

by dream hampton, September 13, 2012

Our Mother/Daughter College Journey

Making sure you are attending the right College can be a very important decision.

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where we visited Yale in the morning and Wesleyan in the afternoon. They didn’t actually attend classes at either, but they both seemed more impressed with Wesleyan’s smaller, more remote campus than with Yale, which sits in downtown New Haven.

After five years of attending a camp for the “gifted” at Vassar College, Isoke attended another camp this summer, mostly because of their intensive SAT prep option. We’ll be spending every school holiday her junior year visiting as many campuses as we can afford. Isoke’s creating a dream list of possible schools and because I’ve allowed her so much latitude in deciding where to tour, Spelman’s made her short list. Much of the decision process will be financial. I consider it my duty to guide her towards a college or university where she’ll have the best chance of graduating debt free. At the same time, I’d like her to feel free to imagine her undergraduate experience in the widest, most personal possible ways. I’ll be asking her to take notes as we continue to visit campuses, remembering not only the highlights the guides are trained to share, but the way each campus makes her feel too. This is after all, one of the most important experiences of her life.

Have your children began the process of checking out colleges? How has your family managed this important step? For students and recent grads, how did your parents support or influence your college choices?

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