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5 Spring Wines You'll Love (Even if Spring Never Comes)

5 Spring Wines You'll Love (Even if Spring Never Comes)

Toast to the end of winter, or the end of seasons... just toast!

Jamilah Lemieux

by Jamilah Lemieux, April 21, 2014

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5 Spring Wines You'll Love (Even if Spring Never Comes)

They're inside because it's 40 degrees outside. Happy Spring!

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Spring is here and by “here,” I mean that the calendar has declared Winter to be over. While we know that God and Al Gore laugh at our light jacket-wearing plans, it’s still a good time to switch up your wine rotation and please your palate with a few new grape goodies. Check out 5 of our current office faves and pray for the opportunity to bring one to a picnic before August!



1) 2013 SIMI Sonoma Country Rosé  ($27; at select on-premise locations nationwide)

Perfect for a brunch of shrimp and grits, or as a pre-dinner aperitif, this is a bright, fresh rosé with notes of berries, cherries and just a hint of spice. Fun fact: SIMI employs women in the important roles of Director of Winemaking and Winemaker---and this Rosé was inspired by the winery’s matriarch, Isabelle Simi. Girl power? We’ll drink to that.

2) 2011 Jam Jar Moscato ($12)

Moscato is such a polarizing wine; either you love it, hate it---or pretend to love or hate it. What we like about this South African variety is that it packs those strong peach and apricot flavors that muscat grape-worshippers crave, but without the cloying sweetness that turns off fans of dry wines.

3) 2012 Thorny Rose Riesling ($10)

This value-priced Columbia Valley vino doesn’t skimp on quality, with crisp notes of lime and tangerine. Someone in the office who’s name rhymes with “Wameelah” enjoyed it a bit too much, but ensured everyone else that it was fantastic.

4) Banfi’s Rosa Regale ($20)

One of our favorite sparkling reds, you may be surprised how sweet Rosa Regale is…in a good way. The strawberry and raspberry notes are perfect for paring with a dark chocolate mouse or rich crème brulee.

5) Voga Quattro ($11)

Might be the most ‘do it for the ‘Gram’ friendly bottle we’ve seen in ages, but the sexy packaging isn’t the only reason to check out the full-bodied, fruity merlot-cabernet-shiraz-pinot noir varietal.


Jamilah Lemieux is EBONY.com's Senior Editor and Senior Closet Moscato Drinker. Tweet her: @jamilahlemieux







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