Juice For A Day

Cooler Cleanse Juice For A Day

EBONY.com Digital Production Manager Genese Cage loves juicing...for just one day

by Genese Cage, March 6, 2013

Juice For A Day

Juice For A Day

A few years ago, I used to be all about the cleanse and/or detox (mostly when I needed to drop a few pounds before an event). But now—at the tail end of my twenties—I noticed that I don’t have the drive or will power to do a ten day cleanse like I used to. And I definitely don't like the clean-up hassle juicing requires. So that’s why I was excited to learn about Cooler Cleanse’s Juice For A Day.

A one day cleanse seemed like a good way to reset my eating habits without the big commitment to a long fast. I wasn't entirely sure how 24 hours of juicing could impact me, but I certainly had no excuses for not giving it a try! I received a delivery of six different cold-pressed juices—sweet, citrus, green, spicy, veggie and hemp—and instructions to drink them every two hours. Some were super tasty (sweet, citrus and hemp: yum, yum, yum), others were tolerable and one had to be chugged down (green, ahem). I didn't get hunger headaches or the cranky feeling that other foodless fasts have delivered in the past and I actually had a lot of energy. 

I was pretty happy with my Juice For A Day results. I wasn’t hungry at all, so much so that it was hard for me to finish all of the day's juices! I don’t think I lost any weight, but I didn’t feel my usual cravings for something sweet or salty for the next few days. "What a difference a day makes," indeed! 

You can have the six-pack Juice For A Day cleanse delivered nationwide for $58, plus shipping, or pick it up from any NYC Juice Generation location. Want to win one? Follow @ebonymag on Twitter and stay tuned for our next "That Thing" giveaway next Wednesday, March 13th at 2pm EST! 

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