Have Black Women, Will Travel

Have Black Women, Will Travel

EBONY contributor dream hampton breaks down the importance of letting her daughter see the world beyond her window

dream hampton

by dream hampton, May 10, 2012

Have Black Women, Will Travel

took much of the African out of Egypt. His description of Queen Nefertari as  "beautiful, even though she was Nubian" became a teachable moment for us all. Mostly, Egypt was magical. Isoke took amazing pictures and has clear lifelong memories of her two weeks in Africa.

Six months later we traveled to London for her spring break. It was her "sweet sixteen" present from me, one made affordable by accumulating thousands of miles from business travel. A lifelong Harry Potter nerd and a more recent Oscar Wilde acolyte, she was more excited about this trip then she was about Egypt. As with Egypt, I'd never been to London either. I've managed to keep my European travel tethered to Italy and France. We rode double decker buses, exploring the relatively small city with our guide maps. We connected with friends, one was in London from Brooklyn traveling, another had transplanted from Detroit and I connected with two writers whom I admire.

Isoke was duly impressed that my wide network of friends reduced the world to a place where a friend is a phone call away. She left London wanting to live there one day. Ultimately, that is the lesson I'd like her to learn from traveling. That there are no borders to where a life can be built. Few people from my neighborhood on the east side of Detroit ever left the city. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Rootedness and connectedness to my hometown made me move back here three years ago, but I wanted my daughter to experience the world a wide open option as she imagines her life. Some places she visits will be only memories, others may one day be home, if only for awhile.

dream hampton has written about culture for 20 years. She's a mother, an activist and an award-winning filmmaker. She lives in Detroit. Follow her on Twitter @dreamhampton.

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