Your Horoscopes this Week 3/10 â 3/16

Your Horoscopes this Week 3/10 – 3/16


Samuel F. Reynolds

by Samuel F. Reynolds, March 10, 2014

Your Horoscopes this Week 3/10 â 3/16



Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

This is Venus’ first full week in your sign after three months of being in Capricorn. Venus symbolizes our ability to experience pleasure. This pleasure is often what directs us to what we’re attracted, or what or who feels similar to us. Her residency in your sign could make it easier and more pleasurable for you to draw situations, people and resources to yourself, to make your current dreams a reality.  Allow yourself to relax and feel that pleasure. In fact, do as much as you can to coax more of it into your life, whether that’s through making over yourself or your living space. If you’re uptight or too tight-fisted with your money now, then you may miss out on some of the blessings that could flow your way, Water Bearer. Get a series of massages and relax.


Pisces (February 19th to March 20th) 

This Sunday finishes the week with a full moon. You can think of full moons as periods of life that you started “writing” either two weeks ago at the most recent new moon on March 1 or the new moon that happened around March 16th back in 2010. (It depends on how far back you want to look.) At either new moon, you may have initiated something or formulated an intention to see something manifest. Now is a good check-in point to see if you manifested what you desired in the way you wanted.  Even if it’s something that may take longer than the most recent new moon two weeks ago to bring to fruition, celebrate and appreciate your progress…and don’t be discouraged about where you’ve regressed. 


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