ZODIAC LOUNGE: Leo in 2012

ZODIAC LOUNGE: Leo in 2012

"Be what Leo is meant to be: generous with what she or he has."

Samuel F. Reynolds

by Samuel F. Reynolds, January 14, 2012

ZODIAC LOUNGE: Leo in 2012

July 22 - August 22

the best bet to you.  You weren’t born to take it that safe, Lion. You got your mind on what makes you feel secure in your career and you’re also concerned about distractions. Then, Leo,  eeeeeease into getting close with folks rather than thinking taking it light has to mean taking flight.  You can trust that affection and love can unfurl one petal at a time.


Words have power, so be mindful of what you say now as people are more inclined to listen to what you say than usual. This is a plus and minus.  The plus, of course, is that you like when people are listening to you.  The minus is when they hold you accountable for what you say. You might feel this is a breach of trust by bringing up things back in your face. It’s not. That’s your dramatic personae talking. It’s a reminder to resist the temptation to shoot from the hip because your own foot is right underneath.  What’s cool is that you can reach the right people with your message as your natural charisma and charm break through.  As the season flows on, you’ll be seeking to anchor yourself more, especially as it concerns your roots, family and home life.  It’s not because you feel out to sea. You been there, done that. This is different.  Saturn in Scorpio will prompt you to look closer at your foundations because you want to dig deeper as to reach higher in the sky. 

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