ZODIAC LOUNGE: Libra in 2012

ZODIAC LOUNGE: Libra in 2012

"You're all about figuring out what's the rationale and what's rational for all parties involved."

Samuel F. Reynolds

by Samuel F. Reynolds, January 14, 2012

ZODIAC LOUNGE: Libra in 2012

September 22 - October 21

ample opportunities to work on your newly developing skill of creating win-win scenarios. This is a fancy way of saying that you may have more of a drama-filled season and it won’t all be on tv.  Of course, there’ll be fine opportunities for nuances to your dramas, like dramedies (drama-comedic moments), dramaspense (drama-suspense moments), and erotic dramas as well.  You won’t be bored and you won’t feel like you’re draggin’ around an anchor without a ship and some sea for adventure.  As Saturn ambols into your money sign, Scorpio, you’re likely to think a little clearer and more solidly about how you’ll sustain yourself through the exciting changes ahead.  Boundaries around your life routine get murky again and you welcome inspiration with open arms.  The inspiration will find you and despite the drama (or inspite of it), much of your life seems to be finding new ways of fitting together.

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