ZODIAC LOUNGE: Sagittarius in 2012

ZODIAC LOUNGE: Sagittarius in 2012

"You're all for fiery independence and promoting an agenda for greater liberty."

Samuel F. Reynolds

by Samuel F. Reynolds, January 14, 2012

ZODIAC LOUNGE: Sagittarius in 2012

November 22 - December 21

last few years?  Or is there some clutter that you could clear?  As you attend to things like that, you’ll be able to change the crickets to a check, if not one you can cash. 


Most of the first few weeks of the season should feel good. Homies, associates and colleagues take focus now, but mostly for the comfort and fun they provide. There may be some drama just as fall is settling in, but it will be short-lived.  You must be mindful of that foot in mouth syndrome that Sagittarians suffer from frequently.  If you need a reminder, think of the off-the-cuff remarks that Sagittarian Herman Cain would make in ’11 (and likely still making).  Otherwise, you can relish your accomplishments and strides you’ve made so far in 2012.  However, the remainder of the fall may find you having the gnawing concern that your strides aren’t enough, that you’ve not gone deep enough or far enough for the sense of freedom you’re seeking.  The feeling may intensify in October. This may seem impossible for you to define and even harder to explain to those who listen.  I’d recommend that you go easy on yourself rather than giving in to the impulse that you have to throw yourself into (or out of) a project or relationship that you know (and you will know!) could lead to heartbreak.  Again, resist the impulse to race off. Roost just a lil bit longer and you’ll find the means to wrestle freedom back into your hands. And it’ll feel better than you imagined. 

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