ZODIAC LOUNGE: Virgo in 2012

ZODIAC LOUNGE: Virgo in 2012

"Your sign are the princes and princesses of precision."

Samuel F. Reynolds

by Samuel F. Reynolds, January 14, 2012

ZODIAC LOUNGE: Virgo in 2012

August 22 - September 21

looking at logic as establishing something as completely true or false, you look at the approximations and possibilities in between those two options. It’s kind of how your trackpad on a laptop works or a touch screen. It’s not about the precision as much as the approximate location of things.  I think you’re about to start your apprenticeship in mastery of fuzzy things.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t have any sense of right and wrong as much as you’ll focus more on the purpose and not as much on the precision.  This may liberate a lot of energy for you, but please don’t put it all into work.  Fuzzy logic could have pleasureable applications for you too, ranging from hobbies to hopping in the sack.  The early part of the season, once Saturn starts broadcasting from Scorpio, the sign of your life that deals with how you connect to people in your immediate environment, you may find yourself as a sort of counselor, helping others to probe beneath the surface and researching the nuances of all kinds of things and situations. 

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