Your Horoscopes this Week 3/17 â 3/23

Your Horoscopes this Week 3/17 – 3/23


Samuel F. Reynolds

by Samuel F. Reynolds, March 17, 2014

Your Horoscopes this Week 3/17 â 3/23

and ideals.  That’s probably not going to work for you. Yet it’s become clear that you do have to start paying attention to cash flow, whether it’s barreling or trickling into your bank account. Fortunately, a hook up between mentally alert Mercury and dreamy Neptune this week-end could direct you to an answer now.  You may get insight on how to bring in more dollars while also serving a loftier, dreamier purpose at the same time.   

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)  
Your birthday season finishes on Thursday, but you may still have a lot to marinate before you move on. When waters run as deep as yours, Pisces, it takes time for shafts of insight to get to your lower depths. When mentally astute Mercury swing-dances with imaginative and creative Neptune by conjunction this weekend in your sign, you would benefit from anything that stirs your own imagination and care for something fanciful. You might feel inclined to participate in the high energy of spring once the Sun goes into fiery Aries on Thursday, so do that. But you may not be ready or able to do a lot of talking or sharing about what’s going on deep inside. This is when you could experience the most frustration.  You can’t be coerced into somebody else’s idea of a good time or being open. Only be content to wade out with those who are willing to let you “swim” at your own pace and depth.

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