Your Horoscopes this Week 3/3 â 3/9
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sure since Saturn is in retrograde. So keep on truckin’ with your money-making plans now, but go easy on the gas and be flexible with detours.

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th) 

Don’t be dismayed if a little more goes wrong than right this week. But now it’s not Mercury to blame, if we’re going to stoop to the artifice of blaming planets.  When we interrogate the heavens for understanding what’s off, I’d say that it’s a retrograding Mars that provides the most clues. When action-oriented Mars appears to move backwards, from the earth’s perspective, our own actions become prudent instead of rash. It’s likewise a time when we must face the consequences of ill-advised actions from our recent past. For instance, if you impulsively picked a battle with someone at your job a short while ago, you may face the fallout from that now.  This doesn’t mean, however, that you just have to suck up what’s happening. Options will begin to emerge soon enough and you can learn a way to make better choices.

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