Your Horoscopes this Week 4/7 â 4/13

Your Horoscopes this Week 4/7 – 4/13


Samuel F. Reynolds

by Samuel F. Reynolds, April 07, 2014

Your Horoscopes this Week 4/7 â 4/13

you, but this could feel sharper than usual. It’s more than okay to feel what you feel, but what defines us is what we do with those feelings. This is when you have to be very wary of blame and treading along its warpath as a result.  You could go from the important and rational practice of figuring out what went wrong to feeling betrayed and needing someone to blame. For instance, it’s one thing for someone to bump into you accidentally and your coffee spills all over your brand new white shoes. It’s a whole different thing to blame them for doing that on purpose and seek compensation. You’ll only lose more energy and time.


Pisces (February 19th to March 20th) 

Last week, I talked of capacity building, but there is a place in the topography of the soul where capacity is built the deepest and longest: the heart.  This is where you have to stoke what or who you fiercely love. And that love has to be grounded in the realization that love isn’t always the perfect picture. You have to be ready to love even when it lets you down or can’t fulfill all of your initially high-minded expectations.  This is the kind of love that writers endure after they’ve received the 100th rejection letter for a story they just adore. It’s the kind of fractured love you feel when you have to separate from a mentor or much-respected friend because you can no longer see the world as they do, but you wish you could. It’s a love where you must love the beauty you are and do, to quote a poet, not just the manifestations of it.


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