Zoë Feigenbaum Cooks Up New American Cuisine

Zoë Feigenbaum Cooks Up New American Cuisine

At Zoë restaurant in downtown Manhattan, the 30-year-old chef’s menu remixes Southern, Mediterranean, French, Eastern-European, Latino and Asian flavors

by Noémie Videau-Zagar, May 10, 2013

Zoë Feigenbaum Cooks Up New American Cuisine

Italy where she makes the olive oil that we use at Zoë. So when I was a kid, she would be more inclined to cook coq au vin than Southern food! I had to go to Virginia and scout the recipes of my family.

EBONY: What’s in store for the future? A book? More TV shows? Another restaurant?

ZF: It is a little early to plan for the future. A TV show or a book, why not? Eventually. I love to share my recipes. Another restaurant? I have ideas for a new concept, and I am looking at other locations in the neighborhood. But I have to concentrate on Zoë right now, make sure that my first child gets stronger!

Noémie Videau-Zagar is a food critic, chef, author (Goûtez New YorkGourmandes et Fières de l’Être, Cuisinez New York), and co-owner of Pistache NYC. Follow Pistache at PistacheNYC.com, on Facebook and Twitter @PistacheNYC.


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