african american couple in bed

The Freak Quiz

Are you a Freak Ambassador sexually? Take our playful sex quiz for a chance at winning one of five Trojan® True Romance packages!

by Feminista Jones, February 13, 2014

african american couple in bed

Are you a Freak Ambassador? Inquiring minds want to know


If you score mostly A’s, you are as kinky as a fuzzy house coat and dog-­chewed slippers. Take more risks and be more spontaneous. All seriousness and no freakiness make for a rather boring sex life. What would Rihanna do?

If you score mostly B’s, you’re probably doing your best to maintain but want to do more. Go ahead and tell the driver to roll up the partition and take things to the next level.

If you score mostly C’s, you’re a Freak Ambassador and should be giving sexologist lectures at local colleges. You definitely know how to get (and keep) it on and popping. Salute to you and your lovers!


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