Betting on a Baby

Betting on a Baby

Uptown Magazine's Alissa Henry asks why interracial couples are expected to have "pretty babies"

by #teamEBONY, September 19, 2012

Betting on a Baby

At Uptown Magazine, writer Alissa Henry touches on the idea that interracial couples are, by default of their interracialness, expected to have "pretty babies."

"The popular belief seems to be that genes don’t matter when a procreating couple is not the same race because the children are guaranteed to be attractive no matter what. If I took offense easily, I’d be insulted when people remark about my interracial marriage then say I’m going to have cute children. I want to ask why? Because the kids are expected to appear biracial or even racially ambiguous? I’ve met some drop-dead gorgeous biracial people, but are Black babies not beautiful too? Black couples birth “pretty babies” every day."

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