[COLUMN] Common Sensual:<br />
Can You Cheat Via Web Cam?

[COLUMN] Common Sensual:
Can You Cheat Via Web Cam?

Lots of folks are paying big bucks to look at sexy "models" via live streams and web cam chats. Miles Marshall Lewis explores

Miles Marshall Lewis

by Miles Marshall Lewis, July 12, 2012

[COLUMN] Common Sensual:<br />
Can You Cheat Via Web Cam?

Is technology changing the way you fantasize?

pay for webcam models with all the free porn on the Internet?

I think guys choose to watch us because we provide one thing that porn cannot fulfill: interaction. We’re real and live; porn is pre-recorded. We’re your everyday type of women, and there’s something about that interaction that makes the experience much more fulfilling. Especially when you have a certain bond with a camgirl, it makes the experience even better because you know her, she knows you, she knows what you like—no matter how weird it may be, she doesn’t object to it. You feel like you know her, and in a sense, you do.

Are these depraved, perverted guys or just regular horny men?

These are just your everyday kind of men. I’ve had private shows with lots of different guys, from older men to guys in college. Businessmen, guys in the military, even women. I seriously doubt that most of these people are depraved; I’ve seen some awesome catches on cam. Some guys are just horny and don’t really feel like going through the hassle of getting a girl to have sex with. Or they may be in a relationship and don’t want to cheat on their partner. Some may have a fetish they don’t feel comfortable expressing to their significant other, so they’d rather come to us where they won’t feel judged. Some are too busy for relationships but still want a sense of female companionship in their lives. Some are just curious. The list is endless. Being horny is not the only reason men visit.

Does the exhibitionism seriously excite you on any level, or is it just a gig?

When I was first researching about webcam modeling, it was just for the money. But when I actually got on cam for the first time, it became more than that. I love that it’s considered taboo. I love the idea of guys fantasizing about me. I love being this sex kitten, having fans of my work. So yes, it does excite me. It’s definitely an ego booster.

What’s the money like? Can you quit your day job?

The money? (Laughs) Well, it varies for each performer. You have to treat this like a serious business. The more work you put into this, the better the payout. It is possible to quit your day job as long as you’re confident you can pull in a certain amount each week and live within or below your means. The money’s good if you work really hard, which is difficult considering you have to be your own boss. Working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds. But the money can be very rewarding when you take it seriously.

Have you ever been recognized by someone you knew?

Yes I have, as well as a lot of other girls! I wasn’t able to catch his name though. I just remember he came into my free chat and started typing the high school I went to. I freaked out, banned and reported him. I doubt he knew my real name, I was so quiet in high school. Other than that, I don’t know. Some people may recognize you and just not say anything. That’s the risk that comes with this job: people may find out. You just have to not care.

Miles Marshall Lewis is the Harlem-based author of Scars of the Soul Are Why Kids Wear Bandages When They Don’t Have Bruises, There’s a Riot Goin’ On and Irrésistible. Lewis is a former editor at Vibe, XXL and BET.com. Follow MML on Twitter at @furthermucker, and visit his personal blog, Furthermucker.

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