Common Sensual: My First (and Only) White Girl [COLUMN]

Common Sensual: My First (and Only) White Girl [COLUMN]

Our hero realizes that for him, the grass ain’t always greener...

Miles Marshall Lewis

by Miles Marshall Lewis, February 10, 2012

Common Sensual: My First (and Only) White Girl [COLUMN]

had to laugh. That’s the cliché. Besides being genuinely more attracted to sisters, part of resisting Shiho was my aversion to living that cliché. Personally, my American race obsession is pretty much gone after living over in Paris for seven years since—I’m naturally older and wiser too. France has its own race issues, but over there, I matured past living up to the Super Blackman ideal of my teens and twenties. When it comes to dating and race, I say: “Do you”. 

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