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Common Sensual: Three The Hard Way

You might need a few more of these tonight...

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Léa leaned against the headboard sparking a clove. I stood to strip my jeans, boxers. Coco crawled up the mattress to Léa, took some shotgun smoke, and started kissing her. The clove got doused in a glass of Henny.

The rest would be a blur by now if not for the amount of times I’ve replayed the scene in my head. 

Coco was the star of the show; it really felt like her threesome. I teased her with my tongue as Léa’s fingers delved into her love below...nuzzled my face deeper as Léa tasted her chocolate bosom. The scenario was so crazy (and this is pre-Viagra). I explored Coco's familiar curves and entered her as my teenage crush watched…and eventually, Léa’s legs parted to receive me as well, as Coco nibbled at the full breasts I’d fantasized so much about.

The girls refused to allow any photos.

My three-way with Léa and Coco never led to the committed relationship I chased Léa for in the first place. After we consummated our mutual admiration curiosity, she fell back into the arms of her boyfriend. Rather than go down in my memories as just another ex-gf, Léa preferred blessing me with a fantasy-come-true to guarantee she’d never ever be forgotten. It worked.

No one ended up angry or regretful; as ménages à trois go, ours was fantastic. But I still sometimes wonder what kind of union might’ve sparked if we hadn’t jumped straight to the wildest outcome ever.

**Events have been fictionalized and names have been changed to protect the guilty.**

Have you ever had a threesome? How did it work out? If you haven't, would you? 

Miles Marshall Lewis is a writer, editor and bohemian b-boy in New York City. Check him out on Facebook, follow him on Twitter:@furthermucker and visit his personal site.