Lost Him,<br />
Found Myself
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began a new relationship with me. Focusing on these myself and my good qualities (as opposed to my old list of flaws) brought on a confidence that exuded in my interactions with others. Loving me more diminished the need for someone else to. And how could Jermaine, or any man, find me irresistible when I readily provided reasons I was not?

The big city is much smaller than I originally thought. I still run into Jermaine every now and then and I regard him with fondness.  He reintroduced me to me and taught me to choose my feelings. Choosing to cry sometimes is not a sign of weakness. Since birth, it has always been a sign of life. Sometimes iFall, iHurt, and iCry, and then iLive, iLearn, and iLove.again.

Herina Ayot is a freelance writer living in Jersey City, NJ. She is currently writing a novel based loosely on her own life, "The Content of Things Undone." Follow her on Twitter @ReeExperience.