COURSE #6: Let’s Talk About Sex

Too many couples avoid discussions that can lead to less tension, more closeness, spicier lovemaking and better orgasms!


by #teamEBONY, June 11, 2013


by wearing
sexy costumes and getting into character.”

13 Don’t ignore conversational cues. After watching a sexy show or movie, you may ask your sweetie what (s)he thought about its sexual content. Ditto for
when you two are in the car and hear a suggestive song or see a provocative billboard.

14 Do enjoy “pillow talk.” For many, that postcoital closeness is the best time to discuss expectations, desires and fantasies.

15 Do relax and enjoy each
other! Talking about lovemaking can be sexy and fun. Try sending flirty texts or “talking sexy” (I prefer this term to “talking dirty”) as an erotic appetizer for tonight’s sexcapades.

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