Disappearing Acts: Inside the Mind of a Relationship Magician

Disappearing Acts: Inside the Mind of a Relationship Magician

Why won't he commit? No, seriously...WHY?

Sil Lai Abrams

by Sil Lai Abrams, January 27, 2012

Disappearing Acts: Inside the Mind of a Relationship Magician

another partner (because what’s a better way to escape one relationship than to throw yourself into another one?)  Instead of calling Verizon to verify if his service is still working, put your energy into moving on. 

WARNING:  This man likes to make a repeat performance.  Just when you think you’re over him he’ll miraculously reappear with a seemingly plausible excuse for his behavior.  Don’t fall for this trick!  He’s already established who he is through his actions. You just have to believe what you’ve seen and completely ignore his words. 

Yes, I know you miss him.  I know there was such promise.  But there is one thing that we can never get back, which is time.  If you’re going to share it with someone, let it be with someone who is capable of going the distance.  Your goal isn’t to be in a relationship, but to be in healthy one that is best for you.  Love yourself enough to keep it moving and don’t look back. And whatever you do, don’t blame yourself.  You didn’t make him disappear.  That’s what he does.  He’s the one with problem and you’re just a symptom of it.  

Sil Lai Abrams is EBONY.com’s Relationship Expert and the author of No More Drama: 9 Simple Steps to Transforming a Breakdown into a Breakthrough and a board member of the National Domestic Violence Hotline. You can connect with her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. Got relationship questions? Email her at SilLai@ebony.com 

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