Inside the Minds of Men

Inside the Minds of Men

Claire Mcintosh

by Claire Mcintosh, October 11, 2013

Inside the Minds of Men

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frames. Men and women were similarly moved by pictures showing anger, happiness, sadness, etc., but only while the feelings generated remained subliminal. Milliseconds later, once they became conscious of their emotions, men regulated their facial expressions and verbal responses, notes the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology.

15 He syncs with your sentiments. A new study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships suggests that cooperation means different things to each half of a couple. He’s more likely to respond to her concern or feeling with “yes, dear” (i.e., going along to get along). She’s more likely to respond to his “Yes, but …” (valuing the back-and-forth of honest dialog).

16 You’re the woman of his dreams. The journal Dreaming reported that 20 percent of dreams involved the sleeper’s romantic partner. He also sleeps more soundly when he’s snuggling with you, says a study published in Sleep and Biological Rhythms.

17 You score the most “hotness points” with him. Got cellulite? Get over it. The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships reports that men rate the attractiveness of their partners higher than do objective observers, which researchers call “the positive partner physical attractiveness illusion.”

18 The best present is your presence. What’s romantic to him? Just your “being there,” says the poll. Runner up: performing his favorite sex act.

19 He’s got your back.
91% of the guys polled in the survey said they’d fight with a stranger to protect a loved one.

20 He’s not looking to cheat.
41% of the same guys said “not at all likely” to cheat if they knew they would never get caught; 33 percent said “not very likely.”

21 He believes in marriage. Ninety-six percent of American men listed it as a goal, says

22 He treasures his wife. An investment banker pursuing his Ph.D. in Family Economics from Australian National University calculated that a single man would have to make more than $100,000 per year to approach the level of happiness enjoyed by his married counterpart.

23 … And their kids. Men were more likely to list “family” as the ultimate male status symbol, ranking it over a cushy job, pretty wife/girlfriend, big house or flashy car, says

24 He wants a work-life balance. Twenty-eight percent of men say they’ve got it as tough as she does when balancing work and family. An equal number say they’ve got it worse, since they’re expected to earn more.

25 Having a mistress can kill you. A husband had better watch his step at that business conference in Vegas.

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