Is Chivalry Dead or Just Changing Lanes?

Is Chivalry Dead or Just Changing Lanes?

Bonsu Thompson says chivalry is here to long as women are willing to join in

by Bonsu Thompson, March 11, 2012

Is Chivalry Dead or Just Changing Lanes?

Stevie Wonder fan, I am. We met up at the theater and she took the bill for all of our drinks (I had at least four Bombay Sapphire and pineapples). We also didn't have to worry about food since the after-party was catered. It was the Apollo's Spring Gala event so they had a special tent with D-Nice as the DJ. I must say that it was a bit awkward to be on the receiving end of such chivalry, but that night was amazing!

Name: Amadeus. Age: 31. Occupation: Multi-platinum Producer and Drummer for Trey Songz

My beautiful wife of 12 years has always wanted to please me and show her appreciation for the man that I am. She once took me on a date to TAO'S in NYC and insisted that I relax and let her handle everything. So she chauffeured me to the restaurant in our BMW, dropped me in front and parked the car. Before being seated, she offered  me a glass of Riesling and a glimpse of the menu in the waiting area. Once we were seated she instructed me to order whatever I wanted and that, I did! ...After we ate she presented me with a gift at the dinner table: a Louis Vuitton wallet. She then requested the dinner bill and closed it with a tip! I'm not gonna front, it made me feel both wanted and appreciated.

Name: Will Perkins. Age: 30. Occupation:  Brand Marketing

One time I was dating this chick we had gone out a couple times, nothing crazy- but I wanted to make a play so I invited her out to dinner. She said, “Cool, pick me up at 8pm.” So I show up to her spot to pick her up. She opens the door and lets me in. I walk in I turn the corner and peep shorty has the ill arrangement laid out- candles, the whole nine. She says to me, “We’re gonna keep it here tonight.”  I said, “No problem.” She cooked dinner, which was (surprisingly) some of my favorite foods: pan-seared Salmon, salad with dried cranberries, walnuts and blue cheese, rice and beans. Dessert was strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream...and her. 

Name: Damien Lemon. Age: 34. Occupation: Comedian

A few years back, I was seeing a woman who worked in publishing. She put together a birthday date for me and all I had to do was show up. We started with dinner at a magnificent Chinese restaurant in Chinatown (Chinese food is my thing, don't judge). After dinner we hit Iridium Jazz club (midtown Manhattan) for drinks and to hear the Ravi Coltrane Quartet play. The vibe was real sexy, but in a ‘90's era black film sort of way (think Boomerang or Strictly Business). After the set, it was damn near 1am, and we still weren't done with the night; she took me to an after-hours spa, where we hit the sauna, steam room and a pool with fruit in it. In retrospect, that may not have been the most sanitary look. Overall the date was dope, and I'm still with her today.

Is chivalry dead or simply changing? Can women be chivalrous to the men in their lives? Should they be? Speak on it! 

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