Sex After Cancer

Sex After Cancer

Getting intimate after battling a major illness isn't always easy, but it doesn't have to be impossible. Check out these tips for getting that old thing back with your lover


by #teamEBONY, May 14, 2012

Sex After Cancer

    • one or two to try out

    5. Chase Those Rushing Endorphins

    And you shouldn’t only be adventurous in bed. Those arousal-enabling, rushing endorphins can also be achieved through riskier, outside-of-the-bedroom behavior. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of trying out sky diving, or you’ve thought about going for a ride on a hot air balloon. Both fantastic options! Other options include hang gliding, white water rafting, jet skiing, rock climbing, rollerblading, cliff diving, horseback riding, skiing, bungee jumping, paintballing...

    6. Strengthen Your PC Muscles

    Doing your kegels can help both men and women manage side effects like urinary incontinence, and can also make your orgasms more intense.

    7. Share the Love

    With each other. Yes. Saying, “I love you” can be more than enough to make one weak in the knees, and tingly in the … well … our other below-the-belt parts. And when you’re suffering from low self-esteem due to your cancer treatments, or self-doubt due to your inability to fix everything for your partner, those three, little words can make all the difference in the world.

    8. Nurture Your Intimate Life

    We know. We’ve already beat you over the head with the importance of a healthy sex life, and have hopefully provided you with all the tools necessary to rekindle beneath-the-sheets romance, even when you’re suffering debilitating side effects from your cancer treatment.

    But we’re going to say it again: Intimacy is important to a long-lasting romantic relationship.

    Because of this, we believe that you and your partner should be having sex regularly. Why? For one thing, reconnecting with your partner on a physical level helps reaffirm intimacy and rebuild connections. Not only that, but regular sex also reduces stress, boosts immunity, and releases endorphins, all things you could use help with when you’re struggling with cancer.

    9. Express Your Love Daily

    Don’t forget to let your partner know that you love them, whether in words or in action. What could you do to express your love?

    • Slip into the shower with your partner in the morning.
    • Bring your partner breakfast in bed.
    • Clean the dirty dishes without being asked.
    • Send your partner a “thinking of you” card via snail mail.
    • Help with dinner preparations, using the time to catch up.
    • Surprise your partner with their favorite gourmet food or guilty pleasure candy.

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