Single Ladies Get Really Real

Single Ladies Get Really Real

Six Atlanta sisters gathered to dish on the ups and downs of dating. Check out this excerpt from the October issue of EBONY

by Joyce E. Davis, September 19, 2012

Single Ladies Get Really Real

70 percent of Black women have never been married.

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of women have been programmed that if we’re not married, if we don’t have a ring, then there’s something wrong with us.   In my 20s, every guy I dated always had to possibly be ‘the one.’ But I hadn’t found my purpose. So I thought that walking down the aisle, having a ring and a baby would complete me.  Now that I’m focused, I can’t keep the guys away. When guys see you are a woman who is focused and driven, you don’t have to worry about the numbers.

Cecilia: I remember people telling me—guys in particular—“You’ll never find a husband in Atlanta with all the gay men and blah blah blah.” When I say I have hope, it’s because of [my previous marriage]. I have hope that if [my first husband] found me, then somebody else is going to find me. I want to be open to the same type of integrity that he had and the trust that I had in him and not be guarded because of all the stuff that we do see. I know it’s real, but that relationship was real, too.

Alisa: I heard Marie Osmond say that a woman is going to date to her level of self-esteem. It made me think about choices I’ve made in the past. Now that I have become a more whole person in the Lord, I see where I made mistakes. I see where I’m making wiser decisions. I see that I’m OK right where I am.

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