Single Ladies Get Really Real

70 percent of Black women have never been married.

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of women have been programmed that if we’re not married, if we don’t have a ring, then there’s something wrong with us.   In my 20s, every guy I dated always had to possibly be ‘the one.’ But I hadn’t found my purpose. So I thought that walking down the aisle, having a ring and a baby would complete me.  Now that I’m focused, I can’t keep the guys away. When guys see you are a woman who is focused and driven, you don’t have to worry about the numbers.

Cecilia: I remember people telling me—guys in particular—“You’ll never find a husband in Atlanta with all the gay men and blah blah blah.” When I say I have hope, it’s because of [my previous marriage]. I have hope that if [my first husband] found me, then somebody else is going to find me. I want to be open to the same type of integrity that he had and the trust that I had in him and not be guarded because of all the stuff that we do see. I know it’s real, but that relationship was real, too.

Alisa: I heard Marie Osmond say that a woman is going to date to her level of self-esteem. It made me think about choices I’ve made in the past. Now that I have become a more whole person in the Lord, I see where I made mistakes. I see where I’m making wiser decisions. I see that I’m OK right where I am.