So Youâre Dating a Narcissist...

So You’re Dating a Narcissist...

Your special man or lady is more in love with the (wo)man in the mirror than they are with there any hope for this bad romance?

by Kaneisha Grayson, April 06, 2012

So Youâre Dating a Narcissist...

us, it’s better to be honest with ourselves so we can move on rather than continue to be the supporting actor in someone else’s drama.

Readers: Have you ever been in a relationship with a toxic narcissist? What was the tell-tale sign that you needed to escape this unhealthy relationship?

Kaneisha Grayson is a writer, entrepreneur, coach, and the author of Be Your Own Boyfriend: Decide to be Happy, Unleash Your Sexy, and Change Your Life. You can follow her on twitter @KaneishaD and join her daily discussion on life, love, happiness, and achievement on Facebook.

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