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COMMON SENSUAL: Surfing for Sex<br />

COMMON SENSUAL: Surfing for Sex

Our hero recounts the time he went looking for action on the internet and got taken for a ride (not in a good way!)

Miles Marshall Lewis

by Miles Marshall Lewis, May 21, 2012

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COMMON SENSUAL: Surfing for Sex<br />

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exchange will cost me a whole other monthly membership fee to join her site. She’s either a workaday prostitute or an aspiring adult film actress. Either way, she’s someone even more likely to leave me hanging for a hookup, after she’s drained my wallet. So long, LollyPop.

Things aren’t looking good, and soon they look even worse. Surfing AdultFriendFinder for more potential, I come across Just2CuteNHott, a 23-year-old cutie using the exact same bend-over-and-smile photograph as PepperyKiss! The same shot of the sister who left me high and dry pops up again, belonging to 20-year-old BGirl5. And then to 19-year-old SmartArtGirl, all in different boroughs of New York! After the picture surfaces under yet another pseudonym, I decide to email BGirl5 to ask about her multiple personalities and faking on our date. Her speedy response:

“Hi sweety, it was nice to hear from ya, just got your message. I actually have not heard from many guys on here, so this is pretty exciting…”

I feel more like a sucker now than when I sat in Starbucks for an hour. I begin spending more time on Google than AdultFriendFinder, looking into who else may have been duped into what’s starting to look like a scam. Indeed, the web is full of complaints. One former user grumbles about getting auto-replies from different women that were identical, even down to misspelled words. Another says at least 90 percent of the girls on AFF (definitely all the sexiest ones) are phony. RipOffReport.com is full of stories from guys with credit cards still charged by AFF after their memberships were canceled, and different accounts of girls trying to corral memberships to their live webcam shows for money.

In their defense, I find an exposé claiming that the site kicks off 1,000 fake users daily, while another admits AFF is mainly populated by men searching for a small percentage of real women. But I’ve seen enough. Luckily, calling their service line to stop future payments turned out to be problem-free. If you're thinking about surfing the Internet to get some, don't waste your time with AdultFriendFinder...trust me.

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