Faux + Lesbians = Fauxbians

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the public instances of women openly engaging with other women in sexual ways and in the acceptance (and even encouragement) of it.

As someone who identifies as pansexual, I admit that I’ve felt my own frustration watching women flirt with other women and then talk about homosexuality being a sin, for example. I do like that people seem to be experiencing less direct backlash and condemnation though. I can’t pretend to understand everyone’s motives for their actions. I can only hope that in everything women and men choose to do sexually, they do so in ways that remain physically and emotionally safe and beneficial.

*All names changed to protect the guilty.

Feminista Jones is a sex-positive Black feminist, social worker and blogger from New York City. She writes about gender, race, politics, mental health and sexuality at FeministaJones.com. Follow her on Twitter at @FeministaJones.