Plus-Size Lovers in the House
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towards women of size than towards men of size. Because of this shaming, many remain somewhat sneaky about having sex with plus-sized people, which can be rather demoralizing for those struggling with weight-based insecurities.

Be Encouraged

Guess what? Big people have sex. Given the statistics of how many of us are overweight and obese, as well as our birth rates, someone is having sex somewhere and somehow. CeCe offers encouragement. “Don’t let people convince you that a fat life is a miserable life. Become comfortable with your own body so that you can comfortably share it with others. Stand naked in the mirror, take a yoga class, embrace who you are right now so that others will do the same. You have nothing to apologize for!”

Loryn adds that you should “come into your own beauty and embrace your sexuality.” You definitely should not wait to be a certain weight to enjoy life and go for yours. There is someone for everyone, and right now, there is someone out there who thinks you’re sexy as hell and can’t wait to get with you. Confidence is contagious, and in this case, one size truly does fit all.