[TALK LIKE SEX] When Kids Kill the Groove
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“Distract him with something that will hold his attention and give him enough snacks and drinks to keep him satisfied.” She also reminds us to keep the noise to a minimum and lock the door.

The key thing to remember is that your sex life doesn’t have to end when you have children. Rely on family and friends to babysit and make sure you take time out for yourself. Teach your children to knock before entering, so you don’t end up in an embarrassing position fumbling for an explanation. Think beyond the “norm” and experiment with new ways in which you can nurture your sex life. It takes a bit of effort and even some occasional planning, but when your eyes roll back into your head one good time, you’ll agree it is totally worth it.

Feminista Jones is a sex-positive Black feminist, social worker and blogger from New York City. She writes about gender, race, politics, mental health and sexuality at FeministaJones.com. Follow her on Twitter at @FeministaJones.