The 10 Online Dating Mistakes You're Probably Making

The 10 Online Dating Mistakes You're Probably Making

Looking for love on the internet is more common than ever, but are you

by Kaneisha Grayson, April 25, 2012

The 10 Online Dating Mistakes You're Probably Making

you send to someone doesn’t come off as if you copied and pasted it to a dozen women. When messaging people, reference something in their profile, and share something interesting (but not too interesting) about yourself. Write messages that people feel motivated to reply to.

2. Using unflattering pictures. Pictures of you leaning on your buddy’s muscle car, shirtless iphone bathroom shots, and pictures of you leering drunkenly in your Halloween costume from three years ago do not do you justice. Post clear, well-lit smiling pictures of you that give visitors a clear idea of what your face (currently!) looks like as well as a full (clothed) body shot to give an idea of your physique. Avoid posting pictures of you with children (unless they are your own), with people of the opposite sex (even if he or she is related to you), and with your better-looking friends.

1. Giving up too soon. Lastly, the number one mistake I see among my friends with online dating is that they give up too soon. Yes, you bought the six-month package, but you stopped updating your profile, visiting the site, and replying to messages after four weeks. Hundreds of people are joining each of the major dating sites every single day. Even if the current crop feels stale, you never know when your future special someone might log on, so be sure to supplement your offline dating activities with an active online dating life for as long as you are single and looking.

EBONY family: Have you ever made one of the above online dating mistakes? Got any more online dating mistakes to add?

Kaneisha Grayson is a writer, entrepreneur, coach, and the author of Be Your Own Boyfriend: Decide to be Happy, Unleash Your Sexy, and Change Your Life. You can follow her on twitter @KaneishaD and join her daily discussion on life, love, happiness, and achievement on Facebook.

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