#31forMARISSA<br />
Day 31

Day 31

Esther Armah pens the final piece in the month-long campaign; also, the latest details about Marissa's legal battle

Esther Armah

by Esther Armah, October 31, 2013

#31forMARISSA<br />
Day 31

Marissa Alexander

say they do not want to appear patriarchal, brothers who claim Afrocentric politics will blame feminist politics, brothers who claim nationalist politics will invite women to moderate their behavior---but stay out of it in order to avoid maligning Black men. That enables a disengagement and for all to do nothing. Worse, then comes the silence. The stretched out quiet of folk wanting the situation to go away and using silence to assist its disappearance. Unacceptable.
The instinct to protect and defend is neither gendered nor political, it is human. That is what we need to re-discover. That can only happen through practice. The work is to create process to defend black women. And then to practice that process. Because before 911 is called, a hospital involved, before violence escalates, there was a time when a community knew, saw and chose. Today is Day 31 of a campaign engaging a nation of men to stand up in defense of a black woman. Time to connect the dots and create process. How willing are we to do that work?

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