50 Students Suspended for Wanting “An Education”

50 Students Suspended for Wanting “An Education”

Teacher absentees have created gaps in the learning process

by Team Ebony, April 3, 2012

50 Students Suspended for Wanting “An Education”

Last Thursday, 50 students were suspended from the all-boys Frederick Douglass Academy in Detroit, Michigan for walking out of classes in protest, demanding "an education." If you'll recall, we shared a news story about Wal-Mart encouraging the program to train students for employment at the retail supermarket Goliath. Now, these courageous young minds are fighting for their own future. Among their complaints: a lack of consistent teachers, the reassignment of the school principal, educators who abuse sick time, and a shortage of textbooks.

As senior Tevin Hill told the Detroit Free Press, "We've been wronged and disrespected and lied to and cheated! They didn't listen to us when we complained o the administration. They didn't listen to the parents when they complained to the administration, so I guess this is the only way to get things solved." WJBK-TV, which has been following the situation closely, reports that Hill's mother Sharise Smith claims that a math teacher has been absent "for more than 68 days."   

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