A Charge to Keep<br />
(For Morehouse Men and Brothers Everywhere)

A Charge to Keep
(For Morehouse Men and Brothers Everywhere)

Morehouse grad Daryl Hannah says recent allegations of rape should serve as a call to action for Black men everywhere

by Daryl Hannah, May 14, 2013

A Charge to Keep<br />
(For Morehouse Men and Brothers Everywhere)

Morehouse College

may never know the details of what happened between those four Morehouse students and those two Spelman women, but brotherhood certainly doesn’t mean staying quiet out of fear.

Today, 532 young men, who some years ago chanted “I’ve got my brother’s back,” will turn a page in their journey to become official Morehouse Men. They, along with their friends and families, will gather on that same Century Campus that they ran through as freshmen or new students and, under the watchful eye of the Dr. Benjamin E. Mays statue, will listen to the commencement address of the first Black president and first sitting president to address a Historically Black College or University. And while each of these men are due praise for their hard work academically, they also now bear a new responsibility: to reclaim brotherhood.

Do the right thing.

Daryl Hannah is a 2006 graduate of Morehouse College and is a writer whose work has appeared on Ebony.com, The Root, The Washington Post and The New York Times. He can be followed on Twitter at @MediaPolitico.

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