A Gay Man Speaks: Mister Cee Owes Us Nothing, but We Owe Him

The legendary hip-hop DJ Mister Cee

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that homophobia is as a crime worthy of public shaming. But, it’s impossible for some of us to forget that up until literally Thursday morning, there’s not been a hip-hop outlet with a major platform that didn’t feign repulse at a man being frank about sexual encounters with other men.

Mister Cee didn’t owe us any explanation, but thank goodness he gave one. Now it would be so great if we could just skip over to the finish line and be done with all of the legwork needed to elevate the culture so people like Mister Cee can live without shame. The kind of shame that makes them be repulsed with themselves over their desires, and yet, cannot completely stave off—often leading to them turning to unsafe and sometimes illegal activities to deal. The kind of shame that forces you to lie when you are not a liar.

But that’s not realistic. We have to do the work. Hip-hop has to keep doing the work. Black people have to keep doing the work. Hot 97 isn’t known as talk radio, but please, don’t stop talking now.

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