Brittney Griner and Jason Collins

A Letter of Love to Brittney Griner and Jason Collins

Black Men Writing to Live send a letter of support to the brave athletes who are making LGBTQ history

Mark Anthony Neal

by Mark Anthony Neal, May 06, 2013

Brittney Griner and Jason Collins

Brittney Griner and Jason Collins

corporations knock at your door.

·        Brittney and Jason: you have every right to disregard points 1 and 2. You didn’t elect to be the spokespersons for a presumed movement. Yet, we are sure that you also are aware that others will soon render you as such. The tempo of the LGBTQ movement for equal rights is orchestrated by the financially privileged and the middle aged. In this movement, the most marginalized are far too often ignored and neglected. We have yet to consider how we can make sports environments safer for our young people, and we have yet to consider so much else (e.g. increasing rates of homelessness among LGBTQ youth, the criminalization of Black and brown LGBTQ youth, the alarming HIV prevalence rates among young men who have sex with men, LGBTQ senior citizens, public safety for LGBTQ people, et cetera). Your stories hold the pens for these unwritten narratives. Who will speak for the least of these among us? We hope that you will join us in doing so.

In Fierce Community,

Black Men Writing to Live: A Literacy, Love, and Life Campaign  

Darnell L. Moore, Writer, Educator & Activist

Hashim Pipkin, Writer, Critic, Ph.D. Candidate (Vanderbilt University)

Mark Anthony Neal, Writer, Cultural Critic & Professor (Duke University)

Kai M. Green, Writer, Filmmaker & Ph.D. Candidate (University of Sothern California)

Mychal Denzel Smith, Writer, Social Commentary & Knobler Fellow at the Nation Institute

Kiese Laymon, Writer, Editor & Professor at Vassar University

Marlon Peterson, Writer, Community Organizer & Youth Advocate

Wade Davis, II, Writer, LGBTQ Advocate & Former NFL Player

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