Open Society Initiative For Southern Africa

Open Society Initiative For Southern Africa

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Jamila Aisha Brown

by Jamila Aisha Brown, May 17, 2012

Open Society Initiative For Southern Africa

2012 Youth Summit Speakers

of Sexual Pleasure."  But I also think we wanted to talk about "gender," "sexualities," and the spaces between the women's rights movement and the LGBT movement particularly in Southern Africa.

EBONY:  It seems like there’s a lot the creativity and dialogue around issues of “Money, Power, and Sex” are being pushed forward by youth.  Could you tell us about the OpenForum’s Youth Summit and what we can expect?

MH: I've been involved in creating a youth-focused strategy primarily because I think (institutional) power sits predominantly with older people and that we should be thinking of how to engage and talk to youth. 

We really fought for a political space in which young people could convene and talk about stuff that matters to us.   More than anything, I want the Youth Summit to be a critique of traditional ways of understanding development, democracy, and social change and I really hope that is what it will be.  But I also hope people will come and engage and jump on the opportunity to write, record, and reflect on the experience.

It is not everyday you can be in the same space with so many cool people from around the world.  I mean Staceyann Chin is performing, which is just nuts and awesome!

EBONY:  The event truly sounds like an incredible meeting of minds.  What can we do to support OSISA and work on the continent?

MH:  There are going to be so many conversations happening so even for those not attending I would say, follow the conversations there will be live streaming and follow the conversation on Twitter through the #moneypowersex hashtag.

Jamila Aisha Brown is founder of the social entrepreneurship HUE, LLC and a participant in the Youth Summit and OpenForum.  To learn more about HUE, LLC and her experience as an OpenForum participant follow @hueglobal on Twitter.

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by Jamila Aisha Brown

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