Learning Racism

Learning Racism

A Kenyan-American learns the United States language of prejudicial hatred

Mukoma Wa Ngugi

by Mukoma Wa Ngugi, May 29, 2013

Learning Racism

we have a Black president means a lot, but it also means less than we think. I say this because in Kenya, I have known only Black presidents. The end of colonialism promised a new dawn that, for the majority poor, has yet to arrive. In this respect, rather than see each other as threats, I do think there’s room for solidarity across the races to fight misguided politics that affect us all.

Let me put it this way: that old White woman who wanted us off her property? If her house was burning, wouldn’t she need my hand putting out the fire? Or I hers?

Mukoma Wa Ngugi is an Assistant Professor of English at Cornell University, the author of Nairobi Heat and the forthcoming Black Star Nairobi. You can follow him on Twitter @mukomawangugi, and visit MukomaWaNgugi.com.


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