Anthony Stokes Receives Heart Transplant

Anthony Stokes Receives Heart Transplant

A teen initially denied access to a donor list for...curious reasons undergoes the potentially life-saving surgery

by Dr. Caleph B. Wilson, August 27, 2013

Anthony Stokes Receives Heart Transplant

Anthony Stokes

active engagement is essential to receiving the most appropriate care.  If necessary seek third party assistance from social workers, health advocates and patient navigators.  Plus, get independent second or third opinions.  When it comes to your health, being a passive participant can make a bad medical diagnosis deadly.

Caleph B. Wilson, PhD is a biomedical sciences postdoctoral fellow at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and member of the National Science and Technology News Service.  In addition to his work as a scientist, he participates in outreach programs to promote STEM, through mentoring, science education and professional development advisement.  Follow him on Twitter: @HeyDrWilson

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