Artist Works to Shatter Negative Stereotypes of Black Women
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to allow for documentation of the project as well as to create a forum and community that can begin to bring real solutions to the themes discussed in the project.

Every woman experiences every stereotype in her own way, but they really fall into a few categories. The best breakdown of this can be found in Patricia Hill Collins' seminal book, "Black Feminist Thought". She explains how the stereotypical images of "the mammy", "the matriarch", "the welfare mother", "the black lady", and "the jezebel" have shaped the way American culture defines and represents black women. Each woman in the project, and even myself, have felt the sting of more than a few of these labels. Most black women can tell you a story that parallels these false narratives and the consequences they have caused in her life. Each woman participating in the project is asked to lay these wounds bare in her first portrait to allow the viewer to recognize the false assertion and follow her journey to the real version of herself with the middle and final portraits.