Birth Control for Men:<br />
Could it Work?

Birth Control for Men:
Could it Work?

After years of development, male contraception is closer to shelves than ever. Will brothers buy in?

by Herina Ayot, October 17, 2012

Birth Control for Men:<br />
Could it Work?

Male birth control pill may soon be a reality

how they feel about themselves and what the world is going to think of them,” says Pender Greene.

Therefore, making a decision to take birth control would be much harder for men who don’t have a lot of money and are worried about risking not having children. In contrast, though research is lacking, Pender Greene suspects that the more educated and aware a person is, the more likely they are to be open to birth control, in terms of taking a non traditional approach. “There are many younger [educated] men who tend to have strong feelings about wanting more control over when they become fathers. I’ve worked with men who thought that their partner was on birth control when they were not, and finding out the truth about it later had been very devastating," says Pender Greene. "Using birth control themselves allows men to take control in that way...This approach gives them the ability to plan for parenthood and protect their career trajectory.”

Previously, it has been more of a challenge to stop a man from generating millions of sperm in contrast to a woman’s single egg a month, but the new procedure, in clinical trials, is thought to be 100 percent effective. Like the Depo-Provera shot for women, it requires men to receive an injection in the Vas deferens with a gel and works by breaking apart sperm.

Dr. Christina Wang, a professor at the UCLA Medical Center reminds us that market research on over 9000 men from 9 countries including the US indicated that about 50% of men would be willing to use male contraception. But would the reception be the same amongst African American men? We'll find out soon enough...

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