Brazilians to Government:<br />
'People Over Pomp!'

Brazilians to Government:
'People Over Pomp!'

Demonstrations and social media campaigns challenge the government’s World Cup and Olympic priorities

by Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond, July 10, 2013

Brazilians to Government:<br />
'People Over Pomp!'

Brazilian protesters during the 2013 Confederations Cup

his life?” Dauden adds that after the fanfare of the games, the nation will be stuck with a large bill to maintain the sporting grounds.

In a video of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff spliced with contradictory footage, President Rousseff vows “You will find a country that is very well prepared to host the World Cup with all the necessary infrastructure, with an efficient system of transportation, with advanced technology for communication, and with a lot of safety. We are doing our part for the 2014 World Cup to be the best of all times. You can be sure that this new Brazil will be ready to enchant the world in 2014.”

Responding to the June protests, Rousseff insisted, “The federal money spent on the stadiums is in the form of financing that will be duly repaid by the companies and governments that are exploiting these stadiums. I would never allow these funds to come out of the federal public budget or to damage priority sectors such as health and education.”

Dauden asserts, “We do not need stadiums… We do not need Brazil to look better for the world; we need our people to have food and health. We do not need more parties, we need people with jobs and sustainable ways of living.”

Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond is the author of the novel Powder Necklace and founder of the blog People Who Write. Follow her on Twitter @nanaekua.

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