Brian Banks, Wrongly Accused Brothers and Rape Victims

Brian Banks, reacts with his Mother and Father.

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locked away, or to deny the women involved their bodily autonomy, human dignity, and right to have their voices and concerns heard with open ears and minds. Our allegiance should always be to the truth.

What happened to Banks should not ever happen. It has happened far too often as the criminal (in)justice system has reinforced and placated fears that surround the images of Black men. We still haven’t escaped that reality. Banks has been afforded a second chance not given to many, and considering it comes as a result of the truth it’s a moment worth praise.

However, going forward it’s important to remember that most victims of rape are not simply lying and/or seeking to get paid. The pain of Black women cannot be overlooked to absolve the pain of Black men. Collective healing is the only move worth considering.

Mychal Denzel Smith is a writer, social commentator and mental health advocate. Visit his official website or follow him on Twitter.