Courthouses Across the Country Next Stop for Occupy Movement

Courthouses Across the Country Next Stop for Occupy Movement

OWS and others plan to join grassroots organization to protest corporate-favored Supreme Court decision.

by #teamEBONY, January 21, 2012

Courthouses Across the Country Next Stop for Occupy Movement

In opposition to the 2010 landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision,  Citizens United v. FEC that allows private corporations to spend huge amounts on political campaigns, protesters plan to 'occupy' courthouses in more than 100 cities across the nation. The organization leading the charge isMove to Amend, a national grassroots organization who work to "[end] the illegitimate legal doctrines that prevent the American people from governing ourselves," as stated on their website. Joining their cause, or at least attempting to, is the Occupy Wall Street group of New York City. 

But it's looking like OWS may have some trouble getting to the federal courthouse steps as their permit application was denied last-minute by a Manhattan judge. The ruling deems that the demonstrators do not have a First Amendment right to protest in front of the Manhattan federal courthouse because it poses a safety concern. OWS filed a lawsuit after their first denial asking the court to overturn the ruling, but Judge Lewis A. Kaplan upheld the decision on Thursday. In a scramble to find a place to protest, Move to Amend said the rally will move to Foley Square not far from the originally planned location. 

The 'occupy' movement has been going on for months now, do you think that partnering with like-minded organizations at this point will create change in legislation? How much can future roadblocks from government officials potentially dismount their cause? 

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